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Provide a seamless registration experience for your attendees pre-event, onsite, and in-app.

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Events of all types and sizes can benefit from Bravura’s robust registration solution. Clients using the Bravura event mobile app have the option to integrate registration directly into the mobile app.

Pre-Event, Onsite & Mobile Registration

Access online registration, hosted by Bravura, from your website or attendees’ mobile apps. Admin portal for event set up, custom reporting, payment processing, badge printing, and emailing.

Kiosk Badge Printing/Check In
iPad Kiosk for attendees to scan QR code or look up by last name to print badge or check in. Onsite services available. Used at events with more than 250 attendees.


Pre-packaged with hardware and pre-loaded with registration software. Self-guided set up of event. Streamlined, offline solution for registration, check-in and badge printing for events with 250 attendees or less.

Association Management System

Membership database for networking, communication, and member resources. Administrative set up for membership levels, costs, benefits, and registration for events.

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Help attendees navigate the event by creating individual schedules of sessions, products, and meetings including year-round options.

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Deliver event information to your participants and build an online community of event attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. Bravura event mobile apps are powerful communication tools that will enhance the attendee experience and generate revenue for organizers.

For Attendees

Attendees can create individualized schedules of sessions to attend, products to see, and people to meet. Powerful search engine, virtual briefcase, and interactive maps also included!


For Exhibitors/Sponsors

Attract exhibitors and sponsors by offering brand promotion opportunities such as announcements, events, and attendee meeting coordination through the app.


For Organizers

Communicate announcements and program changes to participants before, during, and after the event while also reducing the volume and cost of printed materials.


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Attract exhibitors with a self-service portal to update listings and to capture, qualify, and export leads.

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Post Information
Using a self-service portal, exhibitors can enter their company information, product listings, special offers, and marketing materials for attendees to download.

Capture Every Lead
Exhibitors can capture leads in three ways: in person by scanning badges or entering attendees’ unique IDs; through the mobile app; and in reverse when an attendee scans exhibitors’ QR codes.

Manage Leads

Exhibitors can qualify prospects with customizable attributes and notes and can track leads, send messages, and set up follow up appointments. Exhibitors can also assign leads to specific sales representatives.

After the Event

Leads are available even after the show is complete. Exhibitors can export leads to Excel,, and other CRMs. Lead management can be made available across multiple events by using a central online console.

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Design thoughtful attendee surveys collecting responses within the app or revealing results real-time in presentation slides.

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Bravura Technologies provides survey solutions that can be used independently or in conjunction with an event mobile app.

Highly Usable

Deploy one or multiple surveys at your event. Uses include session and speaker evaluations, elections, competitions, and product testing.

Flexible Design
Design a survey that fits your needs using multiple choice, quiz, yes/no, free response, and other question types.

Robust Reporting

Results are immediate and can be published instantly or at scheduled times. Organizers benefit from detailed reporting and metrics to “slice and dice” audience response.



For Planners

Use polls to get instant feedback from attendees on a session, award nominations, or the meeting overall. The polls are available on mobile devices – no need for any special hardware! Generate revenue by offering polling packages to exhibitors and sponsors.

For Presenters

Speakers set up and customize unique questions and answers for their presentations. Audience members can respond real-time via the app, and the poll responses can be integrated real-time into PowerPoint presentations.

Easy Set Up and Reports

Event organizers set up the polls using a simple online application. Results for any poll can be viewed real-time and/or published at a predetermined date and time.

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Monitor attendance with scanning, self-check-in, or RFID tracking and post-session evaluations.

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Ideal for event planners tracking participants’ attendance at specific sessions for CE credits/certifications or tracking overall event attendance.

Easy Set Up

Event planners simply enter the qualifying sessions, including ID number, date, and start/end times. Planners assign session trackers, print a QR code for each session, or set up RFID readers and define the evaluation questions that attendees must answer post-session.


Attendees indicate their attendance by checking into the session on the app, scanning the session QR code, or simply passing by RFID readers. Attendees must answer the post-session evaluation questions to receive credit. Email certifications are sent automatically.

Efficient Reporting

Planners can easily view a list of attendees by session in real-time and validate the attendees. Reports can quickly be exported to Excel, eliminating the inefficiency of manually keying information from written signup sheets.


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Engage attendees by adding gamification solutions to your event app to increase participation.

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Easy Set Up

Event planners simply define the locations for each hunt and display the unique QR code generated for each location. Planners can also view a list of users that have checked in at each location.

Fun to Use

Participants check in at each location by scanning the QR code placed there. They can view their visited locations as well as a progress indicator denoting percentage completion. Winners are chosen randomly among the list of eligible participants.

Generate Revenue

Generate revenue from exhibitors and sponsors by selling locations in an individual scavenger hunt location or by offering sponsorship of an entire hunt, as one event can have multiple concurrent scavenger hunts.


Easy Set Up

Event planners define questions, options, correct answers, and point values. Planners also define when the question will be published and for how long. Reports show how many attendees participated.

Increase Participation

Attendees are notified when a new question is posted and select the best answer. Leader board shows all participants who have answered the most questions correctly.

Engage Attendees

Engage attendees with a competitive side and increase their use of the event app. Notify attendees of new questions, or use a push notification to announce the winner.

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Connect buyers and suppliers using availability tracking and auto-scheduling.

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Smart Scheduling

Robust and intelligent appointment-setting logic assists with availability, qualification, and even auto-scheduling. Planners can establish rules to allow for minimal administration and user ease. Organizers can view, modify, or fine-tune appointments at any time.

Hosted-Buyer Events

This Bravura product is ideal for hosted-buyer events. Buyers and suppliers can set and manage their appointments with priorities, exclusions, and other attributes. The platform also provides a communication vehicle for buyers and suppliers.


Other Uses

The platform can be used at any event where specific meetings need to happen. For example, organizers can honor commitments to exhibitors for customer meetings, or Board members’ schedules can be prepopulated with Board meetings occurring at a larger event.

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Interactive floor plan for exhibitors to self-select booth space with payment processing. Create a centralized exhibitor portal with checklist and progress indicator for pre-event activities.

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Central Location

Utilize centralized exhibitor portal with check list and progress indicator for exhibitors to purchase booth space, register booth attendees, rent booth decor, and upload logo, products, and marketing materials.


Interactive Floor Plan

View which booths are available, on hold, or reserved, as well as individual pricing per booth space. Make the interactive floor plan with booth profiles available to attendees to plan their stops.


Customizable Setup

Event administrators set up price structures, discount codes, and work flows depending on the type of exhibitor registration. Multiple work flows and customizable check list specific to the event.

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