An End-to-End Solution for Trade Show and Exhibitor Management

Disorganized Excel sheets, hundreds of vendor requests, sponsorship package management and numerous sponsor expectations run amok in an event coordinator’s life — but they don’t need to. Bravura’s intuitive event management platform allows you to organize and manage your trade show events and exhibitors from one central location.

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Streamline Vendor Communication, Meet Sponsor Expectations and Boost Engagement

At Bravura, we understand the challenges of organizing an exhibition, trade show or other large events with multiple vendors. From finding exhibitors and managing booths to registering attendees and creating engaging events, there’s plenty to balance as an event coordinator. 

Bravura Technologies meets and simplifies each phase of the trade show coordination process. We’re here to help you wow attendees and vendors! We’ve designed our trade show management platform with the event coordination industry’s challenges in mind, ultimately helping you:


  • Organize and streamline management.
  • Streamline vendor communication.
  • Meet sponsor expectations.
  • Boost attendee engagement.

Manage In-Person, Hybrid or Virtual Trade Show Events From One Central Location

Our end-to-end trade show management platform streamlines each step of exhibition management, from vendor attraction to attendee registration and booth management. You can optimize Bravura’s robust, cutting-edge trade show event platform to meet your changing needs from event to event. With Bravura, you can:

  • Plan in-person trade shows.
  • Host virtual expositions.
  • Create an engaging hybrid event.

Why Use Bravura Technologies? 

With our software, exhibitors can register, choose their booths, and manage attendee content with ease. Learn more about the advantages of using our leading exhibitor management software: 


One-stop shop

Bravura’s robust software is fully customizable to include the features you need to host an advanced and engaging in-person, hybrid or virtual trade show, from pre-event registration to sponsored gamification and lead retrieval. Further customize options for exhibitors with pricing based on booth location and size, sponsorship opportunities, discount codes and early/late pricing.

One central location

Enhance your exhibitors’ experience with a convenient exhibitor portal, allowing them to visually track progress with checklist indicators for purchasing booth space, registering booth attendees, purchasing lead retrieval, renting booth décor, and uploading their logo, products and marketing materials for attendees to access and download. 

Unrivaled customer support

Our team at Bravura becomes a seamless extension of your exhibition management team, helping you identify your unique needs to make the most of our leading technology. 

One tool for your whole team

Help team members communicate more intuitively by providing access to the information they need, when they need it through Bravura’s all-inclusive trade show management tool, combining data from your registration, exhibitor booth selection, mobile app/virtual platform and more.

Success tracking

Bravura helps you capture and track data so exhibitors can measure lead quality and you can measure your trade show’s attendee engagement and overall success. 

Seamlessly Register Attendees

Attendee registration is made more accessible than ever with our platform:
  • Let attendees register from your website or your event app.
  • Allow attendees to self-check-in and print badges on site.

Manage Appointments

Bravura’s smart scheduling features let attendees and exhibitors:
  • Request appointments via the mobile app or virtual platform.
  • Set up or view profiles, marketing materials, and products.
  • Direct-schedule appointments with smart calendars, take detailed notes during meetings and send messages.
  • View personal schedule of appointments.

Build Communities With Event Apps and Virtual Platforms

Event Apps and Virtual Platforms are the perfect way to let attendees and exhibitors customize their trade show experience: 

  • Provide exhibitors with promotion opportunities, including announcements, events, app graphics and sponsored gamification. 
  • Facilitate attendees’ and exhibitors’ networking and building contacts.
  • Allow attendees to view exhibitor details and products.
  • Help attendees short-list exhibitors to visit.
  • The ability for attendees and exhibitors to message using the app.

Simplify Exhibitor Booth Selection and Management

Bravura’s interactive booth floor plan and check list helps exhibitors easily and efficiently:

  • View booth pricing and which booths are available, reserved or on hold.
  • Review and purchase booth space and sponsorships.
  • Create their profile with logo, products, and marketing materials.
  • Review task list and event deadlines provided by event organizer.
  • Register booth personnel. 

Help Exhibitors Track Leads

Make tracking leads easier for exhibitors with access to an easy-to-use self-service portal. Exhibitors can use their exhibitor portal and onsite mobile app to:

  • Enter their company information and product listings.
  • Offer special discounts to attendees.
  • Provide informative marketing materials attendees can access and download. 
  • Scan QR codes to capture leads.
  • Track, make detailed notes about and follow up with new leads.
  • Export new lead information to Excel sheets and their preferred customer relationship management software (CRM).

Gather Live Audience Responses

Leverage the power of Bravura’s event platform to engage attendees and gather their feedback about your event by:

  • Creating live polls.
  • Conducting real-time Q&A.
  • Designing custom surveys for feedback on speakers, events and sessions. 

Optimize Attendance Tracking

Help attendees capture professional development credentials/CE credits or other certifications by:

  • Selecting tracking method.
  • Defining evaluation or post-session questions. 
  • Sending email certifications automatically upon receipt of post-session questions. 
  • Reporting data to Excel sheets.

Boost App Engagement With Sponsored Gamification

Adding gamification to virtual trade show booths or offering sponsored trivia questions, and setting scavenger hunt stops add engagement for attendees and interaction for exhibitors. Our trade show management software helps you:

  • Develop engaging scavenger hunts or create trivia questions with point values.
  • Earn revenue from exhibitors and event sponsors by allowing them to sponsor gamification options.
  • Boost engagement of your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event by incentivizing attendees with virtual leaderboards. 

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Bravura Technologies offers a comprehensive, leading-edge platform that simplifies and optimizes trade show management. Efficiently manage each aspect of your trade show events and customize the software to include the features you need to host an unforgettable in-person, hybrid or virtual trade show event

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