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Bravura works with event planners to produce events that shine



Bravura offers a suite of innovative and integrated meeting management solutions that address the needs of event planners and attendees from start to finish.


Bravura understands the association and corporate meeting experience and provides digital tools that can transform these events while providing exceptional customer service to its clients.


Bravura provides exceptional customer service to clients and their users, resulting in high renewal rates and unparalleled customer retention.


For more than 15 years, Bravura Technologies has built innovative, easy-to-use digital tools used by more than 2 million users at thousands of events.


Ashok Samuel - Bravura Technologies, LLC.

Ashok Samuel

& Chief Executive Officer

Sean P. Gallagher - Bravura Technologies, LLC.

Sean P. Gallagher

Vice President,
Business Development

Maria Kavita - Bravura Technologies, LLC.

Maria Kavita

Vice President,
Products and Services

Paige DeRuiter - Bravura Technologies, LLC.

Paige DeRuiter

Sales & Marketing

Seasoned Professionals

With more than 100 combined years of experience, Bravura Technologies’ senior leadership has a proven track record of the business acumen, operational leadership, and product development expertise required to bring innovative software solutions to market.

Strategic Direction

Bravura’s strategic direction is to provide cutting edge, user-friendly meeting management solutions to association and corporate event organizers, who in turn can provide the best possible meeting experience to attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and vendors.

Values Based

Bravura’s core corporate values are built around customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and technological innovation. As a company, we operate with integrity, teamwork, and respect.

Our team is growing!

If you are excited about event technology and transforming the meeting experience,
then we are interested in hearing from you.

We currently have openings in Software Development, Sales, Implementation, and Marketing.

See our current job postings and apply on Indeed or submit your cover letter and resume to jobs@bravuratechnologies.com.


Bravura works with event planners to produce events that shine.

We have a global presence, providing conference solutions to customers around the world.

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“The number one thing I love about Bravura is they listen to their customers all the time and as a result have perfected their products. Their customer service is one of the best I have seen in the market.”


Northstar Travel Media

“Outstanding customer service sets Bravura apart. The Bravura team listens to customer feedback enabling their products to meet an ever increasing level of expectation and they are always at our side, providing our users with reliable performance.”


“What I like the most about my Bravura partnership is they really listen to all of their partners and as a result their product is constantly on the leading edge of technology. Also, their customer service is one of the best I have ever encountered.”

National Ground Water Association

“A product is only as good as the people that stand behind it.  The Bravura team is hands down, the best I have associated with in 25 years of managing IT projects.”


“It was a total success! Everything went so smoothly and we continue to get lots of good feedback on the app!”

VFW National Headquarters

“This year’s app is fantastic, it’s one slick machine. We had no major glitches and no complaints from registrants or vendors.”

US Foods


Bravura partners with companies that share our commitment to quality and that complement our approach of providing maximum value to our customers.

Bravura offers two types of partnerships: reseller and technology (for integrations). If interested in exploring a partnership, please use this form.

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