Virtual Event Solutions

Construct a memorable experience for your remote audience with our virtual event platform.

Our user-friendly, reliable software solutions allows you to create an exceptional virtual event without stress or hassle.

Streamline the demands of planning and connect your virtual event attendees through our robust solution:

Flexible Plug-and-Play Modules: Fit your requirements with our versatile, interchangeable modules.

Integrated Suite of Solutions: Our intuitive platform houses all of the planning capabilities you need in one place.

Best-in-Class Implementation Team: Our seamless implementation process and ongoing product support handles the heavy lifting for you.

Virtual Event Platform Features and Benefits

Empower your event execution with our virtual event software:

Interactive Virtual Sessions:

Keep attendees engaged with virtual meeting access to on-demand sessions with chat, Q&A and polling.


Create networking opportunities with fellow attendees, speakers and exhibitors in a virtual networking lounge.

Virtual Exhibit Hall:

Create customized booths and sponsorship opportunities to enhance exhibitor value.

Meet Now Meetings:

Attendee engagement tools enable small group meetings, 1:1 chats and live polls to boost engagement with virtual face-to-face meetings.

Event Support

Pre-event training and live chat resources act as an extension of your team for event organizers, attendees, speakers and exhibitors.

Pre-Event Appointment Schedule:

Schedule virtual appointments in one easy-to-use platform for attendees/exhibitors, buyers/suppliers, etc.


Increase engagement and attendee interaction through virtual event experiences like trivia, scavenger hunts and activity walls for event attendees.


Display posters and abstracts with public comment boards and private messaging options.

Virtual Support

Concierge Support

Live Chat/Help

Project Manager & Implementation Team

Virtual Support

Console Training &
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Virtual Speaker Training for Virtual & Hybrid Events

Speak with an event specialist to learn how our configurable, scalable platform can support your next event.