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At Bravura Technologies, we craft our software solution to work for you and construct a memorable experience for your remote audience. We have spent over 15 years perfecting our solutions and support, and we’re ready to help with your next digitally hosted event or meeting.

If you’re wondering how to create an exceptional virtual event without stress or hassle, turn to Bravura Technologies. Our team is here to support you with user-friendly, reliable software solutions designed to engage your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers. Learn more about how we can help you create an event that connects your attendees.

Creating and executing a virtual event can offer numerous benefits to your attendees.

From making participation, attendance, and engagement more convenient from any location, to ensuring adequate health precautions in today’s era of social event considerations, we have you covered.

When considering various virtual event ideas, you’ll come across new logistics to address, and with an experienced team and robust solution, we can help!

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The Best Virtual Event Management Platform for Your Needs


Bravura Technologies’ Comprehensive Event Management System provides extensive capabilities to match your requirements. Whether you’re hosting a large or scaled-down event, our software can equip you to efficiently and easily plan for the event. We understand how critical flexibility and reliability are for your virtual event platform, and we’ve ensured our solution can streamline the demands of planning and exceed virtual event expectations.

You can leverage these robust capabilities to support your event management processes:

• Flexible plug-and-play modules: These modules are versatile and interchangeable based on your event format, so you can get the best fit for your requirements.

• Integrated suite of one-stop shop solutions: Our offerings put all the planning capabilities you need in one place, all available on one intuitive platform.

• Best-in-class implementation team and ongoing product support: We’ll handle the heavy lifting for you and make the implementation process seamless when you partner with us.

Considering a hybrid event along with your virtual planning?

We can help with that as well! Bravura Technologies also offers Hybrid event solutions to help you seamlessly engage attendees on-site and online – and we can make this transition quickly if your plans change.

Virtual Event Platform Capabilities

Our virtual event software can provide several key capabilities that empower your execution. Leverage these tools to streamline management from start to finish:

Interactive Virtual Sessions

Virtual Meeting Access to Live, Semulive or On-Demand Sessions with Chat, Q&A and Polling. 

Benefit: Interactive virtual sessions keep attendees engaged with one another, the speaker, and event content



Networking Lounge for Attendee-to-Attendee engagement in a Virtual Environment

Benefit: Create networking opportunities with fellow attendees, speakers and exhibitors


Virtual Exhibit Hall

Virtual Customized Booths, Lead Generation, Gamification, “Meet Now,” and Sponsorship Opportunities to Enhance Exhibitor Value

Benefit: Virtual exhibit hall includes customized booths and sponsorship opportunities


Meet Now Meetings

“Meet Now” with Attendees, Speakers, Poster Presenters or Exhibitors through Virtual Face-to-Face Meetings

Benefit: Attendee engagement tools enable small group meetings, 1:1 chats, and live polls to boost engagement


Event Support

Extension of your Team for Event Organizers, Attendees, Speakers, and Exhibitors

Benefit: Includes pre-event training and live chat resources available during your event



Pre-Event Appointment Scheduler

Pre-Event Appointment Scheduling for Attendees/Exhibitors, Buyers/Suppliers, etc.

Benefit: Schedule virtual appointments in one, easy-to-use platform



Gamification Options

Including trivia, scavenger hunts, and activity walls for event attendees

Benefit: Increase engagement and attendee interaction through a virtual event experience



Interactive Presentations with Private Messaging, Public Comment Boards, Poster Evaluations and “Meet Now”

Benefit: Display posters and abstracts with public comment boards and private messaging options

Advantages of Working With Bravura Technologies

Years Perfecting our Solution and Support

When you turn to Bravura Technologies for your virtual event needs, we’ll provide ongoing support and creative solutions. You can enjoy the benefits of world-class customer service dedicated to supporting your unique requirements.

We also offer a proven record of success with over 2 million users of our software. With our offerings, you have access to reliable, innovative software performance to create outstanding and memorable event experiences.

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At our company, we’re proud to support our clients with innovative and trusted software to optimize their events. If you’d like to explore how you can use our solutions, reach out to request a demo today.

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