Planning and Hosting a Virtual Conference

We can help you tailor our virtual conference platform to meet your specific needs, regardless of your business type or company size. Our software is the first step in designing a virtual conference that will make your attendees feel like they’re in the same room as everyone else. We can also provide the solutions you need to coordinate a hybrid event, allowing in-person and online participants to interact together regardless of their locations.

In addition, we make it possible for you to conveniently switch between formats if your plans change.

When you organize and manage a virtual conference for your organization, you need the right tools to make it happen. Virtual gatherings allow attendees to watch presenters in real-time, use tools to organize personal content, and interact with other participants. Managing these events involves the same effort and attention as an in-person event, from promotion to registration to attendee interaction.

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Engaging Virtual Conference Platform

Using an engaging virtual conference platform allows you to create a successful online experience for everyone involved. Bravura Technologies offers essential features for your hybrid and virtual conference, whether you’re setting up registration, session streaming, or networking. Let us show you how our software can help turn your next virtual meeting into a memorable and positive event.


Online Conference Platform Features

Several primary features of our virtual conference software include:

  • Virtual sessions with polling, chat and Question & Answer, available to attendees live, semi-live or on-demand.
  • Customized online booths and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Interactive posters and presentations with private messaging, comment boards and virtual meetings with speakers and presenters.
  • A virtual networking lounge for attendee-to-attendee engagement.
  • Pre-event appointment scheduling and registration for attendees, exhibitors, buyers and suppliers. 

Benefits of Using Our Virtual Conference Platform


When you’re on a limited schedule, turn to Bravura Technologies to help streamline your virtual conference’s design, planning and execution. Our virtual conference platform can help to optimize the entire conference experience, from registration to appointment management and attendee participation.

Virtual events pose the challenge of keeping audience members engaged despite their remote participation. Management teams also have to find efficient ways to track attendance without physical attendance. Bravura Technologies addresses these challenges in a single user-friendly platform. 

Choosing a Conference Management Platform to Fit Your Needs

When you partner with Bravura Technologies for your virtual conference platform requirements, you’ll experience the industry’s most creative solutions and dedicated support. We have a proven record of success with over 2 million satisfied users. Our highly skilled team provides world-class customer service to our clients and their users, resulting in the highest renewal rates and customer retention.


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At Bravura Technologies, we build our values around technological innovation and the satisfaction of our customers and employees. Our goal is to offer the most user-friendly, technologically advanced meeting management tools available. Our virtual conference platform is just one example of our many superior products.

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