Bravura TRACK

Attendance Tracking

Accurate attendance monitoring is one of the biggest challenges event managers face. Attendance tracking software helps you gather the necessary information for credits and certifications and helps attendees track which sessions, events or exhibitors are most popular.

A comprehensive tracking system allows planners to measure return on investment and gather information to make their next event more successful and engaging. 

Bravura Track™ Features

Our flexible platform allows you to learn how your attendees experience your event without having to manually gather feedback. Users can determine the most valuable sessions, discover which content is the most engaging and efficiently award continuing education credits.

Bravura TRACK™ Event Attendance Tracking Features

Streamlined setup

Hassle-free session


Mobile app check-in, attendance

Efficient reporting

View, generate and export attendee lists

Bravura Attendance Tracking System Benefits

Understand ROI

Track number of

Works offline

Real-time reporting

Generate and email

Multiple setup options

Validate ticketed events

““Outstanding customer service sets Bravura apart. The Bravura team listens to customer feedback enabling their products to meet an ever increasing level of expectation and they are always at our side, providing our users with reliable performance.”

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