Wellness Screening Events


    Streamline your process of scheduling appointments and assigning screeners with real-time reporting and Electronic Data Capture by deploying Bravura’s fully integrated solution, Bravura SCREENINGS.

    Bravura SCREENINGS is a comprehensive software solution for Wellness Corporations and their constituents – Clients, Clients’ Employees, and Health Screeners.

    Eliminate inefficiencies by:

    • Managing Events (Create, Plan, Execute, Analyze)
    • Scheduling Screening Appointments
    • Identifying & Scheduling Screeners based on Event Proximity, Availability, Skills, etc.
    • Capturing Screening Data (Electronic Data Capture)

    Bravura Technologies



    Manage Events

    • Define Clients/Projects
    • Set Up Events
      • View Real-Time Reports
      • Events Without Screeners Assigned
      • Screener Check In/Out for Payroll
      • Electronic Data Capture Result

    Bravura Technologies

    Electronic Data Capture

    Mobile App for Screeners

    • Track Time In and Out
    • View Scheduled Appointments
    • Track Screening Results

    Bravura Technologies

    Schedule Appointments

    • Pick a Screening Event
    • Pick an Appointment Slot
    • Edit an Existing Appointment
    • Log in After Screening to view Results

    Bravura Technologies

    Assign Screeners

    • Smart Engine to Identify Screeners based on Skills, Availability, Location, etc.
    • Assign & Notify Screeners
    • Screeners View & Accept Screening Assignments




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